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QardioArm is a new Bluetooth blood pressure monitor that I've been using for the last month and it's the first of range of HealthKit compatible products from Qardio. There's a free Quadio app on the App Store that both acts as a controller for the QardioArm and a sales tool for those that don't have it already.

I've been looking for HealthKit products that allow you to monitor your own vital statistics without the need to use a cloud based service - call me crazy but I don't really want to be forced into uploading my health stats to the cloud. Qardio seems like a good step in that direction.

Over-all the experience has been good, with only a few minor issues.

Some quick points not mentioned on the GetQardio website:

  • You do need to sign up to a "Qardio" account - I'll write a bit more about this in the longer update.
  • You can use it with more than one iPhone easily
  • In the US you can purchase the QardioArm directly from their website or from within the Qardio app on your phone.
  • Outside the US, Amazon is your best bet - although the colour range is limited, to the white Qardio (at least for Australia)

I'll be writing more about experience of using both the QuardioArm in the meantime here's a preliminary video of the Qardio App - sans voice over in use.

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