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The success of Crossy Road isn't new to say the least, I've been following the success this Australian success story since it first hit my childrens radar.

Of course there has been a lot said about it's freemium model over that time, mostly about a conversion rates. Along the way it's not been uncommon to see quotes like this one in a TouchArcade article from January.

The nice thing about the free to play model in Crossy Road is that it ensures all players are on a level playing field, whether they spend a lot of money buying all the characters or never spend a dime.

*Emphasis added

These sorts of comments resonate deeply with me and a talk I gave several years ago at the begining of the "freemium/pay-to-play" on "Ethical Freemium" models. I'll have more on that soon.

Recently though, the focus of Crossy Road articles has been on advertising revenue, well actually the millions of dollars in advertising revenue. The one that caught my eye recently was on — it's called Crossy Road: A case study in mobile ad monetization . It's a very short case study and seems to have sourced most of it's information from the Unity3D Blog article.

Both are worth your time to read.

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