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Well… all the podcasts have weighed in on when Apple's iPhone event will happen and on what we will see.


So… in summary I agree with the concensus, that the event date is definitely going to be Wednesday, 12 September 2018.

I think this will an iOS only Event, while some pundits think there will be macOS related news, I think there's too much to cover already in the iOS 12, iPhone, iPad and accessories space. Mac related product announcements and Mojave I'm betting on an October event like 2016…. Unlike 2016, I'm hoping it will be around mid-October (11th or 18th) although 25th could be possible if Mojave is still needing work.

What Exactly

Given all the leaks starting with the always reliable Ming-Chi Kuo's June research note, to possible A12 Benchmark performance in July, and Marques Brownlee's video hands on with the three sizes of production models seems clear what we're getting in the iPhone space.

100% Bets


  1. iPhone Xs (Ten S - similar size to the current iPhone X)
  2. iPhone Xs Plus (I'm not convinced that Apple are done with this naming convention yet)
  3. iPhone Xc (Apple have history with this naming convention using a cheaper body and screen with high performance)

The Xs models will sport the A12 processor and a new camera providing an expanded grey-scale capture allowing Apple to apply it's CoreML skills to render some significant photo improvements from the combined imagery.

I think we could see the either iPhone X moniker stick around for a few years with Apple saying "the new iPhone X" in 2019, 2020 etc - I mean they've done it for macOS for a long time now.

Alternatively if they do get the names in sync this year they may just drop the X in 2019, so that we have the new iPhone, iPhone Plus and iPhone c in 2019.

Apple Watch

Series 4 - thinner, faster.

I don't think there wil be any new sensors (yet) - if it's truly thinner that will be a big enough change to battery space without adding another power drain. Once they've got the battery life back up to current levels then that opens up space for new sensors or hardware in the watch.

90% Bet

  1. iPad Pro 12.9" with FaceID and A12X processor
  2. iPad Pro 10.5" with FaceID

The "notch" will not be a thing on iPad's, but I'm not sure what's going on with that extra cutout in the back panel.

I don't think it's got anything to do with the missing AirPower (iPad's need higher wattage chargers not lower).

80% Bets

  1. AirPower (that or we'll never see it… 😞)
  2. New case for AirPods
  3. Updated Pencil

75% or Lower Bets

  1. New waterproof AirPods and gestures/commands
  2. HomePod Updates (I don't think the cheaper version will be out this year)

It's going be a very busy session 😃


31 Aug. - So lots happening today, invites are out it's definitely 12 Sept, and serial spelunker Guilherme Rambo (aka @_inside) found marketing images for the iPhone Xs models and the apparently thinner Series 4 Apple Watch. I'm not sure why 9To5Mac are being coy about revealing the name of the larger phone??

5 Sept. - BGR and 9To5Mac are reporting the larger iPhone Xs will be called 'iPhone Xs Max' — personally I can't see this happening. It brings a range of connotations with it that don't fit the Apple - if anything the "Max" moniker is part of a security operation to plug leaks.

10 Sept. - A Weibo leak via MacRumors seems to confirm Apple new iPhones will follow their traditional naming conventions of iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Plus and iPhone Xc. All of which makes me double down on my theory that "Max" was a security operation to identifier leakers within Apple.

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