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Each month1 I like to look back and see where I've been spending my device time2. These are the apps that have got the most screen time so far this month. ( N.B. Links to iTunes, AppStore and iBooks Store are affiliate links )



  1. iBooks
  2. Tweetbot
  3. Feedly
  4. Overcast Overcast, free but worth supporting via it's 'Premium' subscription (which turns of ads and gives you a few more settings to fiddle with.
  5. OmniFocus

Honourable mentions this month include Monument Valley 2 and all of the 2017 Apple Design Award winners… which consumed way to much time.


  1. RealEstate yes, have to do the moving house dance again
  2. iBooks
  3. Fantastical 2
  4. Feedly
  5. OmniFocus

iBooks moved up in a big way in June thanks to John Safran's book "Depends What You Mean by Extremist - Going Rogue with Australian Deplorables"3 (thanks to the @RiskyBiz podcast for that one) and Jeff VanderMeer new book "Borne"4. After reading Margaret Atwood's book "The Handmaid's Tale"5 — I'd decided to take a break from the dystopia's and yet I read those two… go figure!?!


  1. Xcode (Duh…)
  2. IntelliJ Idea
  3. Tweetbot for Twitter - well it is open, all day
  4. Fantastical 2
  5. OmniFocus hmmm, managing myself seems to be an obsession

Honourable mentions this month include Xcode 9 Beta, BBedit and Adobe Photoshop for all the usual reasons.

# Photo by Torsten Dettlaff

  1. This is the first month I've written about it though 

  2. Where I mean the app's reported foreground (+ background time if relevant) 

  3. John Safran's<br>Depends What… 

  4. Jeff VanderMeer's<br>Borne 

  5. Margaret Atwood's<br>The Handmaids… 

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